Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ark of the Covenant.

The portrait above has hung upon my wall for forty years or more.
                          There has been laughter,and tears, beneath it.Every Christmas it is placed above the fireplace,and decorated with evergreen branches, two  candles on either side, alight  on Christmas Eve.It is part of the very fabric of my home,a constant reminder of the cause of our joy.
Many, are the paintings of Our Lady and the Holy Child,and there are many that I love.But it the "Jewishness" of Our lady in this picture that appeals to me.The gravity,and composure in her face,the little child in her left arm,close to her heart.
I have often wondered which part of the Gospel this portrait depicts.After the presentation in the temple maybe,when she has listened to the words of Simeon,or resting briefly on the flight into Eygpt.Perhaps after the visit of the Magi.
                   There is sorrow, as well as overwhelming love in her gaze.She seems to be aware of the shadow of the cross.Aware also, of the sword that will pierce her heart.
                   I do not know the artist,as I cannot read the signature on the print,and I have never seen it in any other place.No doubt it is a well known portrait in some corner of the world,it may not even be a painting of Our Lady and the Holy child,but......I treat it as such!
                   Mystical Rose
                   Tower of Ivory
                   Cause of our Joy
                   Ora Pro Nobis.


Richard Collins said...

Very beautiful, just as I imagine Our Lady would have looked.

Kenang Agus said...

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