Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mac's Meme.

.   ( have been tagged by my dear Friend Jane,with regards to a meme from Mulier Fortis.The subject of the meme is to suggest three books for Mac's newly aquired Kindle.and then to tag five other bloggers.My choices are as follows:
1.Literary Converts,by Joseph Pierce.(includes Chesterton,Belloc,Baring,Knox,Muggeridge and Alec Guinness.)

2.St Francis,by G.k.Chesterton.(I included this book because St.Francis must be the most misrepresented saint of all,and I feel Chesterton captures his true spirit.)

3.Louis and Zelie Martin,by Rev.Paulinus Redmond.(Written in the form of letters to their daughter ,St Therese,and an illustration of ordinary lives lived extraordinarily well)
My five bloggers are as follows
Bara Brith.


Loved sinner.

That the Bones You Have Crushed.

Ecumenical Diablog

 For some strange reason cant get the links to work...however ,you get my drift....
Rules are as follows.
Post rules on Blog.
Tag five bloggers,and tell them they have been tagged on their blog.
No Ref.books,or prayer books.
Link back to the person who tagged you.

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Jane said...

flour?Thanks Sandy. It's an odd thing but you are the only one of my five tagees who has responded. I think they are all too busy to notice the request, or perhaps don't see the point of memes. I'm busy too, with my writing, but I'll always support Mac. Glad to see you tagged Brian at Whitesmoke Ahoy
Love J