Thursday, 30 December 2010

You could not make it up!

The star,the cave,the angels,the shepherds, the magi. The sinless virgin and her great protector,the new born baby laid in the manger.The beginning of the greatest story ever told.
                           How wonderful that He was not born in a palace and with the promise of great wealth.How wonderful that He only had his mother to tend Him,and not a host of nursemaids.How wonderful the lowly woven cloth that covered Him,the humble donkey that carried  Him.
This is our King then ,who lays in the company of the beasts of the field,whose fodder is His pillow,whose pungent breath warms Him, whose presence comforts Him.Our King ,born out of the love of the Father,His beloved son ,born in poverty and in an occupied country.
                        Who can fathom the mind of God? Who can understand His ways?Who can deny His greatness when thinking of the birth of Christ! For only God Himself  could bring about our redemption in this way,only God Himself could love us enough to give us Christmas,only God Himself could give us the little Christ child to carry  in our hearts,only God Himself.
                         And you could not make the Holy story up.  


winshipterri said...

:-) How true

epsilon said...

No, you could not. Thank you for your prayers. May God bless all here for now and for always.

shadowlands said...

Hi Sandy, I am also grateful for the fact that Jesus chose to be born amongst the very littlest. I will give your blog a good read in the next few days! When I am feeling a bit better! God bless. Ros

A Catholic Comes Home said...

Dear Ros,Thanks for your comment.Sometimes it is a long and lonely road that we travel,and I too keep falling into pot holes and have to pull myself out !Please know,that I think often of you in the long,dark hours of the night,(often my bad time),think Our Lady must be especially close to you then.If you remember,would be happy if you could offer a little prayer for me.